How To Solve The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available Error?



How To Solve The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available Error?

The uploader has not made this video available is a widespread error on YouTube. But thankfully, there are specific methods to solve this issue quickly. Read the article throughout to find a perfect fix.

No doubt, Youtube is the most preferred platform to stream a plethora of diversified videos. However, it also imposes restrictions on specific videos for a specific reason. ‘The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available’ is just one error that blocks you from watching the content of specific videos.



Why are some videos not available on YouTube showing The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available Error?

Mainly, the issue of ‘ The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available’ is due to a geographical location error. This error occurs when the video uploader wishes to publish its content only in a particular region. This regional filtering allows the uploader to prefer the area to which his content can be exposed and the audience to which it is to be targeted. Consequently, you will face licensing issues if you are a geographical outsider for the video.

Moreover, the video may be unavailable because of the restrictions imposed by your country’s legislation, as videos that do not go well with a country’s government policies are banned in the region.


Is it possible to solve the ‘The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available’ error?

Naturally, it sucks to see an error on a video you eagerly want to see. At such times, all one desires to do is find a way to break the error. But is there a way? Fortunately, not just one, there are many evident solutions to resolve the ‘the uploader has not made this video available’ error. Technically, you can overcome the geographical location barrier using absolute methods (discussed in detail below).


How can you bypass the ‘The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available’ Error?

As already discussed, the error we are talking about is a regional filtering issue that blocks you from watching a video because of your unacceptable location, your IP address. So logically, you can overcome it by changing your IP address. But How? Simple, by following any of the 5 ways mentioned below!


5 Easy Ways to Watch Unavailable Videos on YouTube

All the methods mentioned below work by faking your IP address from where the video is available. You can choose the following ways to bypass the ‘the uploader has not made this video available’ error.


#1. Changing The URL: The Easiest of All

Stuck while streaming YouTube Videos? Just change the URL!


The easiest way is the one that does not require any extra struggle to install or use a third-party software or tool. Changing the URL is exactly that! To make it even simpler, clear steps are mentioned below.

Step 1. Search and open the blocked video on a web browser of your choice.

Step 2. Select the URL (that would be of the form:

Step 3. Change the URL in a form like this:

This way, by removing the ‘watch?’, you can easily watch your favorite content from a restricted IP address. These simple steps make this method most popular among users. Besides, it is highly effective in the long run.


#2. Proxy Server: Highly Prefered

Want to download a restricted YouTube Video? Do it smoothly with a proxy server.


Proxy Server- To put it simply, a proxy server is an application you will need to conceal your true identity and change it to one from another country. One of the significant advantages of using a proxy server is that it does not threaten your true identity as it is hidden.

Solve the uploader has not made this video available error following these steps.

Step 1. Open any proxy server in your web browser (, for example).

Step 2. On the site’s homepage, mention the URL of the video you wanted to see.

Step 3. In a while, you will be provided with a new URL to use for streaming. Use it to watch your favorite video.


#3. VPN: Most Popular

Here comes the most popular method that is used to change IP addresses to solve the ‘the uploader has not made this video available’ error. As extra support, VPN can be an easy option to cover your identity and use an IP address of another country. Simply put, VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps you get into a public network.


You must follow the simple steps mentioned below to bypass the unavailable video error on YouTube using a VPN.

Step 1. Get a VPN. You can subscribe to a premium plan or download a free VPN server like DroidVPN.

Step 2. Install the application and launch its products on your system.

Step 3. Now you need to search and select a VPN server outside your country to use as your IP address.

Step 4. Download and watch the video you want to have access to.


#4. Downloading the Unavailable Videos

Here comes another great option to bypass the error of ‘the uploader has not made this video available’. Several sites make it possible to download YouTube videos for free. So this method to bypass the blocked YouTube video error entails downloading the unavailable videos. And to do that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.


Step 1. Open YouTube in a browser.

Step 2. Go to the blocked video page.

Step 3. Get the URL of the blocked video you want to watch.

Step 4. Simply remove the ‘http://www.’ to ‘ss’ and search for it.

Step 5. You are directed to a website that will provide you with a downloading link to the desired video. Use it to download and enjoy the video.


#5. Browser Extension

Similar to VPN, an extension allows you to change your IP address and access blocked sites. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to solve the issue of ‘the uploader has not made this video available’ using a browser extension.


Step 1. Download any extension (Hola, for example) that can help you change your IP address.

Step 2. Add it to the browser of your choice to launch the application. For example, use the option Add to Chrome if you use chrome.

Step 3. Once it is installed and added to the browser, you need to click on the extension’s logo to open it.

Step 4. Search for the video you were blocked from using the search box.

Step 5. Click on the extension of the icon (Hola Extension Icon, for example).

Step 6. Search and navigate the URL using the search bar.

Step 7. Select the country to change the IP address.

Step 8. Now reload the page to solve the error.


#Bonus: You can use Google Translate too!

Yes, the same Google Translate that helps you translate content from any language to any other language can help you solve the ‘the uploader has not made this video available’ error. It allows you to bypass the geographical location error by providing an operating platform. Basically, through this method, you can access the content of the video in a different language and translate that into the language of your choice.


You need to follow these steps to use Google Translate to access blocked YouTube Videos.

Step 1. Search Language Tool on Google.

Step 2. Find and click on the Translate web page option under the translate section.

Step 3. Enter the URL of the video you want to watch using the tool.

Step 4. Translating the page will help you bypass the location error you were facing.



The uploader has not made this video available is a typical issue that people face while streaming on YouTube. The error is reasonable, but it tears people’s excitement for a video. But thankfully, we have certain tricks to bypass the restrictions. You can use any of them to watch your favorite video quite easily!



  1. How to watch YouTube if the uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Answer. You can easily watch videos with the issue of ‘the uploader has not made this video available’ by

  1. Changing the URL
  2. Using VPN
  3. Using Proxy Server
  4. Using browser extension
  5. Using Google Translate


    2. Why does YouTube say video is not available?

Answer. YouTube displays videos not available on specific videos because the uploaders of such videos have set geographical location restrictions. Besides, there can be other reasons as well.


    3. How can I bypass YouTube country restrictions without VPN?

Answer. Simply change the URL

Making a minor change in the URL can help you access YouTube-blocked videos.


    4. How do I unblock YouTube country block?

Answer. You cannot unblock the videos, however, there are ways to change IP addresses which in turn allows you to watch the blocked video.


    5. How to change an IP address?

Answer. You can easily change your IP address using a VPN or a proxy server.


    6. Does YouTube check IP address?

Answer. Yes, streaming on YouTube is based on your IP address. The videos are made available according to the ID address you are using.


    7. Does a VPN change your IP?

Answer. A VPN simply replaces your true IP to an IP of another country.



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