How to send blank message in WhatsApp in 2023

How to send blank message in WhatsApp


How to send blank message in WhatsApp?


WhatsApp, the gigantic social media application with the broadest user network from all across the globe, has a plethora of features to keep its users engaged. But with the application becoming more common in use with time, people begin to feel ennui in the conversation.And this is why the users are looking for exciting tactics to try on WhatsApp like sending blank messages. So how to send blank message in WhatsApp? Well, we’ll come to that soon, but first, you must know why…Sending blank messages in conversations is really fun!
By sending blank messages during a conversation, you can avoid the boredom of regular chit-chat, amaze your friends with your strange inventiveness and inject some humor into your everyday conversations. Adding to your convenience, the boring terminating messages like ‘hmmm’, ‘kkkk’, and ‘thumbs up’ can be substituted with a more clever and fun initiating empty message. But,


Does WhatsApp allow you to send empty messages?

No, WhatsApp has no explicit feature that can be used to send empty messages directly with ease.


Every time you try to send an empty message by pressing the space key, the “send’ button in WhatsApp disappears. And that simply suggests that there is no direct way to send these crazy messages using this application. But, fortunately, your idea of adding fun, cannot be crushed too easily when we are here to guide you on how to send blank message in WhatsApp.

There are some secret tricks!
Sending an empty message may not be a hardwired feature in WhatsApp, but there are certain gaps in the application that can be exploited to do so. Don’t worry, there is nothing illegal, just certain sweet tricks that can bewilder WhatsApp into thinking that you have attached a message when eventually you haven’t! And finally comes the main part…


Steps on How to send blank message in WhatsApp?

In this guide, we will introduce you to three tactics that are highly useful for sending empty or blank messages on WhatsApp.


#1. By Using Unsupported Character

WhatsApp, though, is a versatile conversation application that has a huge bunch of new features and engaging options, but certain characters are still not supported. And this drawback of the application can serve to our advantage in this situation.

To put it simply, you can use characters that are not supported on WhatsApp to trick it that a message has been sent but it is not appearing because the platform does not support it. Ultimately you’ll succeed at sending a blank message sent intentionally.

How to send blank message in WhatsApp by using unsupported characters?

The step-by-step process to do so is-

  • Copy the character mentioned here SYMBOL.
  • Paste it as text in the message window of your targeted contact.
  • Remove the arrow sign and press send.

The tiny point against the arrow is the actual tricker. It will allow you to send an empty message.


#2. By Using Third Party Tool

To make this task easier for you, certain third-party tools are designed for this specific purpose. And hence, they make it super easy for you to send an empty message directly. This is the sure-shot solution and the easiest way except for installing an additional application.

How to send blank message in WhatsApp using a third-party tool?

The steps to download and use an additional application for sending empty messages are listed below.

  • Search for the application ‘NoWord’ on Google Play Store.
  • Download, install, and open the application.
  • Soon after you open the app, the screen will flash an option for ‘send’. Click on this button.
  • Now, you’ll be asked to select applications you want to share the message on. Select WhatsApp.
  • Select the targeted contact and press send on WhatsApp.

Wait, there is more to it!

This application of NoWord can also be used to send empty statuses. Yes, you read it right. Adding to your fun activities, you can upload an empty status on WhatsApp to amaze your friends and contacts. Here is how you can do it.

  • Search, download, install, and open the NoWord app.
  • Click on the send button present at the bottom.
  • Set the medium as WhatsApp.
  • Now select the option for ‘My Status’.
  • Finally, tap Upload.


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#3. By Copying Blank Space

WhatsApp does not allow you to send space created by the space key, but you still have the option to create this space from any outlier platform like a browser. As you might have figured out, the easiest way to send a blank message in WhatsApp is by copy-pasting empty space.

How to send blank message in WhatsApp by copying a blank space?

The detailed process is mentioned below-

  • Go to any browser and search for anything (yes, whatever comes to your mind!).
  • From the page that appears, select the space between any two words and copy it.
  • Open WhatsApp and locate the targeted person’s message window.
  • Paste the space copied in the text bar and press send.

Or you can use the symbols mentioned below to use the space between them to paste on WhatsApp.


The takeaway is, you can send the space taken from a browser. In most cases, the send button will not disappear this way.
Get More Creative on WhatsApp! A huge population on earth uses WhatsApp but only a few of them know about all the fantastic features that it offers. So here we are to introduce you to some of the most exciting markers that you can use on WhatsApp to amuse your friends.

Text Formatting

Did you know you can format the text in the message that you want to send?

Yes, WhatsApp allows you to make your text italicized or bold.

To italicize– surround the text with (*) symbols on both ends. For example, *Robin* for Robin.

To bold– surround the text with (_) symbols on both sides. For example, _Ted_ for Ted.

To strikethrough– surround the text with (~) symbols on both sides. For example, ~Lily~ for Lily.

Disappearing Messages

Besides knowing how to send blank message in WhatsApp, there is much more to explore on the platform. You can turn on the disappearing message feature in WhatsApp to make your chat messages disappear after 24 hours automatically. For enabling this feature you will need to

  • Go to the page of a specific chat.
  • Then click on the person’s name to find an option for disappearing messages.
  • Here you can turn it on.


Disappearing Files

There is something even more exciting and that is disappearing images and videos. In this case, the file( image or video) disappears as soon as the receiver views it once. For this, you need to

  • Click on the paperclip in the text inserting section.
  • Then click on the camera to either take a photo or select one from the gallery.
  • Click on the green circle that reads ‘1’ and send it.


Hiding Blue Ticks

Ever felt the pity of mistakenly opening a message you didn’t want the other person to know that you have seen? You are not alone buddy. But again you can avoid such situations by enabling a fantastic feature on WhatsApp. For this, you need to

  • Go to the Setting > Account > Privacy > Untick Read Receipts



Although there is no direct way, you still have tricks on how to send blank message in WhatsApp. The tips include using simple characters and blank spaces or installing a third-party app to serve the purpose. Eventually, you must try other fascinating tricks too to add more fun to your regular conversation.


Q. How do I send a blank text message?

Answer. You can send a blank space on WhatsApp by copy-pasting space from a browser or by using a third-party tool.


Q. What is invisible text WhatsApp?

Answer. In WhatsApp, the invisible text simply means a blank text that has no text or other message in it.


Q. How do I send a message without typing anything?

Answer. In WhatsApp, you can do it by using characters that are not supported in WhatsApp or you can use a third-party tool like NoWord.


Q. What are blank text messages?

Answer. Blank text messages are messages that have no text in them but still can be sent and recognized by the receiver as real message.


Q. Can I send a disappearing text?

Answer. Presently, WhatsApp has not added any disappearing text feature, however, it has a disappearing image and video option.


Q. How do I make text invisible on Android?

Answer. For sending invisible or blank text in WhatsApp, you can copy-paste a blank space from a browser.

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