How to restart a chromebook

How to restart a chromebook


How to Restart Chromebook?


How to restart Chromebook is a frequently asked question among Chromebook users. This is primarily because restarting a Chromebook is not straightforward, unlike other laptops and computers. In most cases, restarting can make the laptop run like new again. Meanwhile, there are several reasons to restart a Chromebook. It can fix RAM issues, slow performance, application errors, internet connectivity, and memory leaks. Besides, installing updates is one of the significant purposes for rebooting the system.

Whatever the objective, there are several paths leading to it. Though the device lacks a dedicated restart button, which makes the process tricky, certain tricks can help. And this article is firmly dedicated to guiding you in the same.

The different solutions to how to restart a Chromebook are mentioned below, and all of them, from start to finish, are discussed in detail.
How to Restart a Chromebook Using Shutdown Icon
Generally, turning the laptop off and then using the shutdown effectively fixes issues with the software. This is the most basic way to restart a Chromebook. The steps ensure that the data of your activities and input is saved and you are logged out safely from your google account.

Go through these steps to learn.

How to restart Chromebook using the Shutdown icon.


  • Step 1. Look at the bottom of the Chromebook screen. Locate the navigator tab in the right corner.

How to restart a chromebook

  • Step 2. Click on the notification bar. Identify a small window at the right corner displaying Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, setting, and, most importantly, the Shutdown icon. Click on the Shutdown icon. Click on the sign-out to ensure that you are logged out.

How to restart a chromebook

  • Step 3. You can use the power button on the keyword to finally turn off the device.
  • Step 4. Start the device conventionally.


How to Restart Chromebook Using Power Button

Unlike the above method, you need only the power button to power off and then power on the Chromebook. The power button will automatically and safely log you out of your Google account and save your work. Ultimately, the device will get restarted, resolving the issue you were dealing with.

The simple steps you need to follow are-

  • Step 1. Locate the power button on the keyboard. Press and hold the Power Button for three seconds to turn off the device.

How to restart a chromebook

  • Step 2. Turn the Chromebook on, typically using the power button.

Alternatively, you can press the power button to see options on the screen, including power off, sign out and lock. You can power off the device using these icons as well.



Mentioned below are different approaches to reset a Chromebook. Even after performing the basic operations, if your laptop’s issue is not solved, you can try resetting it. This is the best method to ensure smooth functioning. This way, the Chromebook can work like new again.


How to Hard Restart a Chromebook with Hard Reset

Here comes another proper but slightly risky method to restart a Chromebook. This approach would not affect your Chromebook’s software, unlike the other two ways discussed so far. Instead, the hardware is targeted to fix the issue. And about the risk-: Don’t worry; it won’t blast your laptop. The problem is it will not save your data automatically. You need to stay prepared beforehand.

Follow these steps to learn how to restart a Chromebook with a hard reset.

Step 1. Save your work and log out of the Google Account.

Step 2. Find and click on the Sign Out button from the navigator tab located at the rightmost corner in the button of the screen.

Step 3. Fine Refresh key on the keyboard.

Step 4. Press and hold the Refresh Key, then press the Power Key simultaneously.

Step 5. You will see your device restarting.

DISCLAIMER- The steps discussed are specific to certain Chromebooks. There may be a different methodology for your specific device. However, it works for most Chromebooks.



If you have tried everything mentioned so far and still find no solution, you should take a call to reset factory settings. It is the method that Google recommends to solve working errors for Chromebook. But use it only after you have turned off Chrome extensions and have tried using a hardware reset.

Things to Know Before Factory Resetting

● Resetting would remove all your data (even files saved in Downloads) and device information (non-user related) from the hard drive.
● Some operational and diagnostic data will be preserved.


When Should You Reset a Chromebook?

● If the device is not working properly even after restarting many times.
● When you see the command for ‘reset your device’.
● If you want to change the owner’s details.
● If you find a flaw in the setting or user profile.


How to Restart a Chromebook Using Factory Reset?

Since the process will remove all your data, the first step while going for a factory reset should be to save data beforehand. Therefore, please use a Google account to sync in the mandatory information and use Google Drive to back up all the files.

Finally, here are the steps you need to know how to restart a Chromebook using factory reset.

Step 1. Click on the sign-out icon from the navigator tab located in the right corner of the bottom screen.

Step 2. Now you need to press and hold 4 different keys simultaneously. These keys are Ctrl+Alt+Shift+r

Step 3. Select the Restart option appearing on the screen.

Step 4. Find the box that appears next and select Powerwash.

Step 5. Press Continue.

Step 6. Sign in to your Google account following the steps appearing. This will be the owner’s account after the Chromebook is reset.

Step 7. Follow the instructions to reset and then set up the Chromebook.

Your issue will be resolved…!


There are many solutions to how to restart a Chromebook. And, typically restarting the device is the safest way to remove most of the laptop issues. However, for a thorough cleanup, you need to go one step further to reset the Chromebook. It is recommended by Google and evidently, is the most effective method to fix laptop functioning issues. Thankfully, it serves no threat when the data is secured beforehand.




Q1. How do you force a restart on a Chromebook?

Answer. The best way to force restart on a Chromebook is to reset the hardware. You’ll need to press and hold the refresh button followed by the power button simultaneously. But make sure to save your data on Google beforehand.


Q2. Where is the restart button on a Chromebook?

Answer. There is no customized restart button in a Chromebook. You need to turn off the device and then turn it on to restart.


Q3. How do I restart my Chromebook without the power button?

Answer. To restart a Chromebook without pressing the power key, you need to click on the navigator tab to see and click on the power icon. And then, you can restart the laptop.


Q4. How do I completely restart my school Chromebook?

Answer. To restart a Chromebook completely, press and hold the refresh button and then press the power key. This will reboot the system and the device will start working normally.


Q5. How do I restart and shut down my Chromebook?

Answer. To shut down a Chromebook, look for the navigator tab in the right corner at the bottom of the screen. Click on it and then select the power icon from the window that appears. Then you can restart the device conventionally.


Q6. How do I restart my frozen Chromebook?

Answer. The only option that works to restart a frozen Chromebook is a hardware reset. For that, press and hold the refresh key followed by the power button to reboot the laptop.


Q7. Why is my Chromebook not turning on?

Answer. The most popular reason for a Chromebook not turning on is the battery. So you need to check the battery first. Let the laptop charge for about half an hour to gain the power to turn on.


Q8. How do you manually reset a Chromebook?

Answer. Manually, you can reset a Chromebook by pressing the refresh key followed simultaneously by the power key.


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