How to get UTR Number in Google Pay 2023

How to get UTR Number in Google Pay

How to get UTR Number in Google Pay

UPI payments have become one of the most popular online payment options across the world. Thanks to UPI, you can use the same mobile application to access various bank accounts. Google Pay is one such highly popular and sophisticated program that provides this Unified Payments Interface. Besides, like every bank transaction, payment transfer on Google Pay generates a UTR number to keep an account of the transaction status.

If you are not much familiar with what a UTR number is, how it works and how to get a UTR number in Google Pay, don’t worry, not many people know it. And since you have landed on this page, you would end up accumulating all the information necessary for safe banking. All right, let’s begin with the basics!


What is UTR number?

A Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number is a unique number that keeps track of or provides a reference to a financial transaction. In other words, it is a number that you can use to stay updated with the status of a transaction you have made. UTR number is a crucial supporter of baking activities and a guide to payment security. You can easily learn from this article How to get UTR Number in Google Pay 2023.


How does a UTR number work?

Every fund transfer, no matter from which bank or payment method, generates a UTR number. Likewise, when you make a transaction using Google Pay, the transfer is allotted a Google Pay reference number by the respective bank. The UTR number then allows you to check the progress of the transaction quickly and transparently.


When do you need a UTR number?

The main purpose of a UTR number is to specify and track the funds transferred. So, in case the transaction gets stuck in the way, the bank can use the UTR number to track the status and find out the issue. The number becomes immensely useful in cases when the payment you transfer does not reach its destination or when you have entered the incorrect amount of payment.


How to create a UPI ID in Google Pay?

UPI, a banking system, is a must to add a bank account to any payment app including Google Pay. To get identified on UPI, you must have a UPI transaction ID.

You can create your UPI transaction ID on Google Pay using the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. On Google Pay, click on your profile photo flashing at the top right corner.

Step 2. Click on payment methods and add your bank account.

Step 3. Tap the option for Manage UPI IDs and tap Add+ to add the new UPI ID.


Now that your UPI ID is added to Google Pay, you will be provided with the option to choose account to pay with every time you make a payment. Also, you can add up to 4 different UPI IDs to the application.


How to find UPI number in Google Pay?

UPI ID is typical of the form yournam@bankname. And you can easily find it on the Google Pay application while making transactions or simply by using the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. On the Google Pay app, click on your profile photo located in the top right corner.

Step 2. Click on Bank account.

Step 3. Select the bank account you want to see the UPI ID of.

Step 4. In the account details, you will find its UPI ID.’


Where is UTR number in Google Pay?

Generally, you can see the URT number printed on the following records.

  • On the physical receipt if the payment is made using a credit or debit card
  • On the banking statement again if a credit or debit card is used for payment.
  • On email receipt post transaction processing
  • On the Google Pay application (discussed below in detail)


In case you still cannot find the UTR number for certain transactions, you can reach out to customer care support from Google. The team will effectively help you find a solution to the issue.


How to get UTR Number in Google Pay?

Google Pay reference number is a unique number personal to the individual who initiated the transaction. It is not shown to any outsider including the recipient of the payment. Hence, the sender can find it in the history of its Google Pay transaction record.

Here is the answer for how to get UTR number in Google Play. All the steps to get the Google Pay reference number are listed below in detail.

Step 1. On the Home Screen of the Google Pay application, scroll down to the bottom.

Step 2. Select all transactions.

Step 3. On the screen, you will see the list of all the transactions you have made. At this point, you need to select the transaction for which you want the UTR ID.

Step 4. In the details of the transaction, you will find a 12-digit number that is highlighted around UPI transaction ID.

Step 5. This number is your UTR number.


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How to track Payment using UTR?

After learn How to get UTR Number in Google Pay 2023 then you can get your UTR. Now that you have your UPI linked to the application and the transaction’s UTR number in hand, you are ready to track the processing of the transaction. To track the status of a transaction in Google Pay, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1. Open Google Play application.

Step 2. Go to the previous transfer fragment from the profile or detail section.

Step 3. Among the various transaction records, search for the particular transaction using the UTR number.

Step 4. Here you will see the processing status of the transaction.



In this article you have learnt that How to get UTR Number in Google Pay 2023. A UTR number is a very important tool that allows you to keep an eye on the financial transactions you make using online as well as offline payment gateways. It can handle many of the transaction issues like delayed payments and stuck transfers. If you use Google Pay for online payment, it is exceptionally crucial for you to know how to get UTR number in Google Pay as it would reduce the risk of losing money.




    1. Where can I find my 12 digit UTR number?

Answer. You can find your UTR number in the physical receipt, bank statement, email receipt, or on the mobile application using which you have made the transaction.


    2. How to get UTR Number in Google Pay 2023?

Answer. To get a UTR number for a UPI transaction, scroll down to the bottom in Google Pay, look for all transactions, and then select the UPI transaction for which you want to get a UTR number.


    3. How do I find my UTR number?

Answer. You can easily find your UTR number on the online or offline payment receipt, payment history, or in the records of past transfers in the mobile banking app.


    4. What is UTR in a Google Pay Transaction?

Answer. UTR is a reference number that is allotted to every transaction made. It is used to track the progress of the payment.


    5. How do I track my UTR transaction?

Answer. To track a UTR transaction, you need to go to the section for past transfers on the mobile banking app. Selecting the transaction concerned, you can track its transaction details.


    6. How do I check my payment details using transaction ID?

Answer. You can check the payment details of any transaction by scrolling down in Google Pay and tapping on all payment activities.


    7. Can I track my NEFT transfer?

Answer. Yes, you can track the status of your NEFT transaction. For this, you’ll need to contact the Customer Facilitation Centre for NEFT of the bank concerned.


    8. Can we check UTR online?

Answer. Yes, you can check your UTR number online using the app on which you make the transaction. Just go to the previous transfer section and check the status from there.


    9. Is UTR number and transaction ID same?

Answer. Yes, the UTR number and transaction ID are the same. In fact, they are interchangeable with UPI reference ID, Transaction number, and Order ID as well.


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