How to find someone on Instagram by picture

How to find someone on Instagram by picture


How to find someone on Instagram by picture. So, you have been struggling to search for someone’s Instagram account but, unfortunately, all you have as a reference is an image of the person, right? Well, calm yourself down and take a deep breath because your search terminates here with the most comprehensive answer to ‘How to find someone on Instagram by picture?’.

Instagram is one of the leading social media applications which is used by millions of people all across the globe to connect with their friends, families, and admirable celebrities. It is an extensive tool that allows its users to message instantly, share images, videos, and reels, and follow the feeds of other people, especially popular faces. You can track anyone by following him and can know more about him by reading his profile and checking his social media posts on Instagram.  This article is concerned with revealing the most effective ways how to find someone on Instagram by picture or by any other partial detail.


Can I find someone on social media with a picture?

Yes, you can find anyone on social media with a picture using tools like Google Camera and Microsoft Bing. Moreover, certain third-party tools can help you find a person’s social media account just by recognizing the picture you have of him.

Strictly speaking, Instagram has no direct answer to how to find someone on Instagram using a picture. No direct tool can lead to reverse image searches on Instagram. There is no Instagram photo scanner or Instagram finder by photo integrated with the application. But still, there are several ways out. To keep it simple, you can find someone’s Instagram account with a picture, not directly through Instagram, but via finding the personal details about that person from other photo-identifying apps. Ultimately, you can use the detail fetched to search for the person on Instagram.


How to find someone on Instagram without knowing their username?

Before getting into the details on ‘how to find someone on Instagram by picture’, we would like to introduce you to all the ways you can use to access someone’s social media account. Mentioned below is the list of personal information that can be used solely to determine the Instagram account of a person.


  • Name

You can search for the name of any person in the search box on Instagram to see a list of Instagram accounts by that name. The profile picture will help you identify the right account. Once you have searched it, you can follow the person on Instagram and check his posts. But still, there are conditions- the account must be public or the holder must have accepted your follow request.


  • Picture

As already discussed, Instagram does not have any image-identifying tool to search for someone’s account just by recognizing his picture. But several third-party tools and popular search engines like Google and Microsoft can help you identify the name of a person using his image. How to find someone on Instagram by picture is discussed below in detail.


  • Hashtags

Instagram has a tag explorer page where you can enter a certain tag and find all the posts that have the respective tag mentioned in them. Using a low-frequency hashtag that includes some or the other details about the person’s profile can help you reach his account. For example, you can enter his hobbies, work, friends, and location.


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How to find someone on Instagram by picture?

Finding someone by photo is technically called reverse image search. In this process, you enter the image of the person you are looking for and the tools involved, Google, Microsoft, or any other application will search for that person’s username from different websites. Hence, the answer to ‘How to find someone on Instagram by picture?’ is by using Instagram photo scanner tools. And these tools are discussed below in detail.


#1. Google Images

A reverse Google image search is one of the most useful and easiest ways to do an Instagram photo check. As it uses the world’s most powerful search engine has a huge database. Google Images is the most preferred and recommended Instagram photo scanner for its wide reach and accessibility for all devices. Here is how you can use it for an Instagram photo check.

Remember, the Google tools for different devices vary so you’ll need to be specific about the device you are using.


On Desktop

Step 1. Visit the page

Step 2. Click on the camera symbol present on the right side of the search bar.

Step 3. Click on the option for Upload an Image.

Step 4. Tap on Choose File and select the image you want to scan.

Step 5. Finally, press Enter to initiate the search.


For Android

There are two ways to do an Instagram photo check for Android users- Via Google Lens and Google app.


Method #1

Step 1. Download and open the Google app and tap on Discover.

Step 2. Use the camera icon to upload the image you have.

Step 3. Scroll down to search for the relevant results.


Method #2

Or you can locate the image of the person from a website, hold it to open with Google lens, and search for the details using the application.


For iOS

You can either browse for the image on your iPhone or use the Google app to do the same.


Method #1

Step 1. On safari, go to the page

Step 2. On the left corner at the bottom, you’ll see an Aa button. Tap on it.

Step 3. Now go for the Request Desktop website option.

Step 4. Tap on the camera icon and enter the image you want to search for the name of.


Method #2.

Or you can download Google apps from Apple App Store and proceed similarly in the same manner as discussed for Android users.


#2. Microsoft Bing Images

Microsoft is another great service provider as an Instagram photo scanner. Here the results can be different and more or less accurate than Google Images. It is best to use both tools for thorough research. However, Bing Visual Search is known to serve better when English social media pages are concerned.

Microsoft is easy to use and compatible with all kinds of gadgets.


On Desktop

Step 1. Simply open any browser and go to

Step 2. Locate the camera icon and click on it.

Step 3. Select the photo you want to search for and press enter to initiate the scanning process.


Using App

Just like Google reverse image search using an app, you can install Microsoft Bing. Again, you’ll need to click on the camera icon to enter the image to be processed.


#3. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is one of the most appropriate answers to ‘how to find someone on Instagram by picture?’. It has highly advanced features like metadata technology and facial recognition developed specifically for scanning and identifying purposes. Social Catfish is known to provide the most accurate results. And that is the reason why professionals and even celebrities use it to satisfy their urge of tracking someone using their picture.

Mentioned below are the steps you’ll need to follow to make use of Catfish as an Instagram photo scanner.


Step 1. Go to the Social Catfish official website.

Step 2. Create an account by entering the details required and logging in.

Step 3. Pick out your unique username.

Step 4. Click on the option for Images and enter the screenshot or picture you have to locate your suspect.


#4. TinEye

TinEye Instagram image search is a widely popular process that serves as a perfect answer to how to find someone on Instagram by picture. TinEye, a third-party Instagram photo scanner has a very huge database and very high-performance standards. And hence, it is the perfect choice to learn to identify accounts on Instagram using a photo.

Mentioned below are the steps to use TinEye Instagram image search.


Step 1. Go to the TinEye official website.

Step 2. On the center of the homepage, you’ll see a white search bar.

Step 3. Drag and drop the image of you using the desktop or click on upload if Android is being used. Also, you can search by entering the image URL.

Step 4. Press enter to begin the search.


#5. Berify

Berify is a comprehensive and uniquely featured third-party tool for reverse image search. The database at Berify is extremely vast to help you find the target with ease and accuracy. Interesting, not just images, you can even find videos here using any reference video. In fact, the videos can be searched using a clip of them. Even more, interestingly, Berify collaborates with other reverse image searches tools like Microsoft, Yandex, and Google to improve its performance.

Here is how to find someone on Instagram by picture using Berify.


Step 1. Go to the official site of Berify.

Step 2. Select the operation you want to initiate, like uploading an image or video.

Step 3. Upload the image as JPEG or PNG.

Step 4. Command Berify to initiate the process and wait till the software mails you the result.



How to find someone on Instagram by picture? By using Instagram photo scanner tools which have a huge database to search within. But remember, these tools can help you identify the person whose account is public. The people who chose to stay out of publicity keeping their accounts private cannot be tracked using this method.

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