How to Delete Chat in Instagram in 2023

How to Delete Chat in Instagram

How to Delete Chat in Instagram?

Instagram has been ruling the social media world for several years for its service that allows the uploading and scrolling of interesting posts and images. But in the past few years, with the introduction of several fascinating features, the platform’s popularity has reached its peak. Instagram is being used by millions of people from all across the globe. And why not when it provides a wide range of engaging social media facilities? Here you can follow others, share images, posts, reels, and IG stories, message instantly and create groups.

No doubt, you must be using Instagram for day-to-day conversation. And apparently, you must have come through situations where you find the need to delete certain chats or conversations. People generally do it for personal reasons or due to the clustering of messages. The answer to the question of ‘how to delete chat in Instagram’, is quite direct and simple. Nevertheless, in this article, you’ll learn about many other exciting features of Instagram. But first, let’s start by answering some of the basic but important questions.


Can you delete the chat on Instagram?

Yes, you can delete chats on Instagram with ease. Instagram does allow its users to delete all or specific chat windows and messages.  Also, you can unsend the messages sent. But can we clear chat history permanently from Instagram? The answer is yes and no. You can delete the message window of a person on Instagram but only for your ID. This would mean, you cannot see the past messages sent or received from him. But, it doesn’t mean the messages are deleted from both IDs. The person on the other side still has all the texts unless he deletes them himself.


How to Delete Chat in Instagram?

Deleting a chat in Instagram is one of the easiest and simplest processes to perform. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you are done!

  1. Open Instagram App
  2. Go to the messenger page by tapping the messenger icon present in the upper right corner.
  3. Now, press and hold onto the chat you want to delete.
  4. A small window slides up with options for deleting, muting messages, and muting calls. At this stage, you must click on delete.
  5. Finally, the chat will get deleted from your Instagram ID.


To put it simply:

How to delete chat in Instagram?

Just by holding the chat and then tapping the delete option.


How to Delete Specific Messages in Instagram?

What if instead of deleting the entire chat, you want to delete certain messages that you sent during the conversation? Again, there is an easy way to handle the situation. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open Instagram App
  2. Head to the specific chat page you want to delete the message from.
  3. Tap and hold the message you want to unsend.
  4. On the bottom, you’ll see three options in a vertical line- Reply, Unsend, and More.
  5. Select unsend to delete the message.


To put it simply:

How to delete a specific message on Instagram?

Simply by pressing and holding the message and then tapping on the unsend option.


Can you delete sent messages from the other person’s ID?

Again, the answer is a combination of yes and no. When it comes to deleting messages from both devices, two cases are possible. The messages disappear either from just your ID or from the IDs of both sender and receiver.


Not This Way!

Specifically, if you delete the entire chat, the messages will disappear from your conversation log but not from the receiver’s ID. Hence, they can only vanish completely if the receiver deletes the chat too.


But Here You Can!

On the other hand, by unsending specific messages, you can delete the message from both devices. There is no way the other person can get the messages back unless he has taken a screenshot.


To Put It Simply:

  • You can only delete sent messages from both IDs.
  • If you have already cleared the chat box (from how to delete chat in Instagram) and you are left with no text to unsend, there is nothing you can do to remove the messages from the receiver’s ID.
  • You can unsend a message even before a message is seen by the receiver. Also, the messages already seen can be unsend and removed from the receiver’s ID.


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Did You Know: 5 Hidden Features of Instagram

You might be using Instagram actively for years and still unaware of various interesting features of the platform. Instagram has managed to save some of its hidden tricks and elements. Apart from learning how to delete chat in Instagram, in this section, you will be introduced to some of the most exciting features that you wish you knew before.


#1. You can download images and videos on Instagram!

Ever wished to have a download button on Instagram? Unfortunately, there is no explicit button for it. But what if you lost the images and videos you posted on Instagram? How can you recover them? Interestingly, there is a way! Going to the website,, you can easily download batches of images and videos from Instagram.


#2. You can add a hashtag for a post even after uploading it!

Adding hashtags with posts is a great way to attract an audience and increase the number of followers. And this feature is exclusively available on Instagram. So when you have a post that is to be shared on all your social media accounts, you can simply share it on all the platforms including Instagram. And then add a relevant hashtag to it on Instagram to increase its potential and visibility among the targeted audience.


#3. Instagram can be used as a great photo editor!

Did you know, Instagram offers truly magical photo editing tools? Yes? But did you know you can save the edited image to your gallery? Not many people know about this top secret. Instagram allows you to edit images by applying a variety of interesting filters and increasing the balance and contrast of the image. But once the photo is edited, there is no option for saving the image. Instead, the interface compels you to share the edited image. So what you can do is- turn the airplane mode on and share the edited image. An error will be reported; no image will be shared; and the photo will be saved in your gallery.


#4. You can add your website’s link to Instagram!

Instagram must have puzzled you if you ever tried to add links for affiliate marketing, a YouTube page, or a website on Instagram. Because, there is no way you can add any URL to your Instagram posts, comments, videos, or stories. But here is the hidden passage. If you want to direct your Instagram followers to a website, you can add the URL to your profile bio. Instagram happily allows posting URLs there.


#5. You can post multiple posts in one go!

Though this feature is gaining popularity gradually, it is necessary to point out for the readers who struggle while uploading multiple images one by one. To put it simply, Instagram users can substitute the struggle of uploading separate posts for each new image. While selecting an image to be uploaded, there appears an option for selecting multiple images at once. Using this option, you can share several images in a single post.



How to delete chat in Instagram‘ has a very simple answer which is by holding the chat and then pressing delete. Moreover, you can delete specific messages as well by following a similar procedure. On top of that, you are introduced to some exciting features of Instagram that you must give a try.



    1. How to Delete Chat in Instagram in 2023?

Answer. Press and hold the chat you want to delete and then tap the delete button.


    2. How to delete Instagram chat from both sides?

Answer. You can delete only the sent messages from both sides by holding the messages and tapping the unsend button.


    3. How to delete Instagram messages all at once?

Answer. Just hold the chat from which you want to delete all the messages and tap on delete.


    4. When you delete a conversation on Instagram does the other person know?

Answer. No, Instagram does not inform the other person about any such action as deleting messages.


    5. If you delete a conversation on Instagram can they still message you?

Answer. Yes, the past messages disappear from the inbox but the other person can still message you in the future.


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