[Simple Way] How to Change Font Style in WhatsApp in 2023

How to Change Font Style in WhatsApp


How to Change Font Style in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application has been increasing its popularity consistently for several years now. Thanks to its sophisticated features and simplicity of the interface, WhatsApp has connected people more closely with its fast, reliable, and easy-to-use services. To make the user’s experience even more exciting, WhatsApp has integrated itself with robust multimedia support. But is there anything WhatsApp has for adding fun to plain texts? Can you play with the writing style? And if yes, How to change font style in WhatsApp? In this article, you will find answers to such questions and more, and you will explore the hidden side of WhatsApp that not many users are exposed to.


What is WhatsApp font style?

Font styles in WhatsApp refer to the different text styles that you can use during a chat instead of the traditional plain chat. The styles can range from ordinary bold and italic to complex font styles. Moreover, you can also change the size of the text to be used as a message. Using font styles seeks significant importance when the messages are to be sent in the form of an invitation, greeting, or some other form of a letter. In such cases, font styles can help you make your text more personalized, cool, and attractive. So, if you want to add visual weightage and aesthetic appeal to the messages in WhatsApp, the font style in WhatsApp is exactly what you want!


How do I get different fonts on WhatsApp?

You can get different fonts on WhatsApp using 2 different methods which are-

1. By using third-party tools
2. Using WhatsApp’s hardwired features

Third-Party Applications

With the advancement in technology, we are witnessing the invention of several new and highly useful alternatives to everything and the same goes on with WhatsApp features. We can find a separate application for taking every service provided by WhatsApp one step ahead like separate apps for status and tracking. Similarly, the Google Play store is replete with several applications that can allow you to add layers of excitement to your regular boring chat. These programs are highly advanced and integrated with various exciting features like plenty of font styles. And hence, one of the most effective answers to ‘how to change font style in WhatsApp?’ can be by installing third-party applications for font style from Google Play Store. The most useful among these applications are discussed later in this article.

Tricks in WhatsApp (No Additional Tool Required)

Not many people know that there are certain tricks that WhatsApp allows for editing text in messages. No, it’s not about selecting the text and the three dots to reach font styles (that are not explicitly present anywhere). The approach discussed in this article is practical and highly effective. According to this method, you can make basic editions of the text just by using specific symbols. Just add the particular symbols and see the text changing magically into the function you wanted. (Symbols are mentioned in detail in the upcoming section).


Which method should you choose?

Third-party applications provide more advanced features than WhatsApp for font formatting, meanwhile using WhatsApp discards the need for installing an extra app and removes the headache of watching unnecessary ads. To sum up, if you want basic styling features, you can stay tuned with WhatsApp, otherwise, download a third-party application.

How do I change my font style? (3 Stylish Font Applications)

Several apps allow you to change font style in WhatsApp. You can easily find various such apps on the Google Play store and easy research will engender lucrative results. Nonetheless, the top 3 among them are discussed below along with their advanced functions and features.


Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard

Stylish Text is a versatile font keyboard that is quite popular on Google Play with more than 1 crore downloads. It has over 120 texts, more than 100 art styles and 20 numbers. Some of the art styles are BLUE, Sans Mno, Normal, and Bold, Upside Down and Mirrored, and Math Bold. The most important features of this application are-

  • Fonts Keyboard
  • Sticker Maker
  • Chat Styles Popup
  • Style Editor
  • Cool Symbols
  • Nickname Generator

Drawback– The users struggle to correct the text again and again as there is no autocorrect option.


Fonts Keyboard

Fonts Keyboard is a fantastically programmed and smoothly functioning font keyword application. It can be used to add grace to your social media profile by adding cool font styles to the bio. The application works on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, and many more. The basic features of Fonts Keyboard are-

  • Plenty of Fonts
  • Sticker fonts
  • Symbols
  • Kaomojis

Drawback- Major drawback of Fonts Keyboard is the lengthy ad break that pops up now and then.


Fonts Keyboard and Emoji No Root

Fonts Keyboard and Emoji No Root stand at a remarkable rating on Google Play services with more than 4.5 stars. Users believe that this app is relaxing, fun, and most capable of delivering a great user experience. It has an autocorrect feature and not many users complain about advertisements being displayed frequently. Other important features are-

  • Available in All scenes
  • More than 100 fonts
  • Cool symbols, Emojis, and cute Kaomoji
  • Supports all devices

Drawback– The application is found to be disrupting passwords and data of the device of the user.

So far you have discovered the 3 most effective solutions to how to change font style in WhatsApp using a third-party tool that is versatile but includes ads.

How can I change my WhatsApp font without any App?

As already discussed, you can change the font style of the text entered just by using definite symbols in the text box. To change WhatsApp font without any app, you can use the following operations-

For Android Mobile-

To transform plain text into an attractive font style, you will have to add specific symbols at the beginning and the end of the text in the text bar. The table below represents the symbols, their use, and the output they will provide on a sample word ‘Ted’.

Function Symbol Interpretation Output

  • Bold * (asterisk) *Ted* Ted
  • Italic _ (Underscore) _Ted_ Ted
  • Strikethrough ~ (Tilde) ~Ted~ Ted
  • Monospace “` (Backticks) “`Ted“` T e d


For iPhone Users-

Although iPhone users can follow the same procedure as android users, interestingly, they have another easy alternative. To format font style in an iPhone, the user can follow these simple steps-

Step 1. Enter the text and select it.
Step 2. Select the BIU option.
Step 3. Select options from italic, bold, and strikethrough.

Multi Formatting: You can also use different operations on the same text using the symbols of all the operations in a sequence. For example, if you want to bold and italicize a text, you can type *_Ted_*. Similarly, you can combine other symbols for desired purposes.

Other Interesting Features:- The list of exciting WhatsApp features has not got over yet. Keep exploring more to add fun to your accustomed everyday routine.

How to Change Font Size in WhatsApp?

Apart from changing font style on WhatsApp, you can also adjust the size of the text displayed on the application. Although it cannot change the size of the letters you send, the entire text displayed on the interface can be changed.

Follow these steps to change font size in WhatsApp-
Step 1. Open WhatsApp and find the three dots on the chat log.
Step 2. Click on the three dots to go to the settings option.
Step 3. Now, click on Chats and then on Font size.
Step 4. Select a font size from small, medium, and large.
Step 5. Save the changes.


How to Change Wallpaper in WhatsApp Chat?

Custom background setting adds to the coolest features of WhatsApp. Did you know you can set a different wallpaper for each of the conversation pages? Android users can change their WhatsApp chat wallpaper by using the following steps.

Step 1. On WhatsApp, go to the chat page you want to customize with wallpaper.
Step 2. Tap on the Three Dots located in the top right corner.
Step 3. Navigate and click on the Wallpaper.
Step 4. Here you can select the wallpaper’s color or select one from the Gallery.
Step 5. After selecting the wallpaper, you can select if you want to use it for a specific chat or all chats.


After selecting the preferred option, your chat page will display the custom background.

For iPhone users, the steps will be different as follows-

Step 1. On WhatsApp, go to the chat page you want to customize with wallpaper.
Step 2. Look for contact info and tap on Wallpaper and Sound.
Step 3. Select the wallpaper’s color or select one from the Gallery.



So how to change font style in WhatsApp? Simply, either by using a third-party application or using symbols in WhatsApp for basic formatting. Third-party tools include ads but have fascinating features and a variety of font styles and stickers. On the other hand, simple formatting via WhatsApp is restricted to only a handful of operations but lies on the safer end.



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Q. How do I get different fonts on WhatsApp?

1. You can get different fonts on WhatsApp by-
2. Using a third-party application
3. Using WhatsApp features

Q. How can I change my WhatsApp font without any app?

Just add certain symbols like (*) at the beginning and the end of the text.

Q. What are the font styles in WhatsApp?

Answer. The font styles available on WhatsApp are bold, italic, underscore, and monospace.

Q. Is it possible to change the font size in Whatsapp with any app?

Answer. Yes, any app that offers a variety of fonts can be used to change font style and hence font size.

Q. Is it possible to change the font size in Whatsapp without any app?

Yes, you can change the font size of the texts being displayed on the interface

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