How Does Dual Sim Work in Apple’s New iPhones [2022]


How Does Dual Sim Work in Apple’s New iPhones? You know that in recent years Apple came up with many new and interesting features which not only dispense users with a great experience but also bring forth quality products. When  Apple launched the iPhone series of IOS 5 there, they delivered the  NANO SIM card facility, which was extremely superior. Hence, they started giving NANO SIM slot in the upcoming series, but now from IOS 10 onwards, Apple has provided us with a dual SIM option where you can have two cellular plans on a sole iPhone. This is very helpful if you have a phone for business and private calls. For example, a dual SIM can be used with a nanoSIM card and an eSIM. In this article, we will put some light on what these SIM cards are and how you can use both SIM cards in your IOS device.

How Does Dual Sim Work in Apple’s New iPhones?

  • What is eSIM?
  • How can you complete the setup of eSIM in the iPhone?
  • Providers, that support eSIM?
  • How to use the facility of dual SIM?

Now we shall discuss or have some thoughts on what eSIM is.

An eSIM is a form of programmable SIM card that is embedded directly into the device instead of injecting a nanoSIM card into your device. It is a digital SIM that allows you to use a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical nanoSIM. The eSIM is built into the phone and works with the network of providers. You can easily use the eSIM with the combination of a physical nanoSIM card, and you can use multiple numbers on your device.

What you need to use an eSIM

To install eSIM in an iPhone, you should have iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or the series next to that.

In many countries like Netherland, Belgium, and the US, they have many companies which the facility of eSIM and access the eSIM card, for instance, Vodafone, T-Mobiles, Simyo in the Netherland, and Orange offers eSIM in Belgium.

How to setup eSIM for your IOS devices

You have bought an eSIM from a provider, and they have sent you a QR code that contains information about your eSIM; and some operators might also send you a confirmation code to activate your eSIM.

But now the question is how to install an eSIM on your device

First of all, scan the QR code that you received

Touch the Cell Plan Detected notification when it appears

Tap continue at the bottom of your screen

Click on add a cell plan

If you are prompted for a confirmation code to activate the eSIM card, please enter the code provided by your operator.

Make Dual Sim Work in Apple’s New iPhones By using providers’ applications (apps)

Log into the app by downloading through the apple store

Buy the mobile plan using the app

Install the mobile package that has been assigned to you

By launching the app, you will see a tutorial to make use of eSIM

For further information, you may call the operator

How to activate eSIM

Now your SIM has been installed and let’s see some important steps to activate your SIM card. Please ensure that once you activate your eSIM card, it will be officially on.

Once you have completed the setup by using provider guidelines, it’s time to officially activate your eSIM you have to follow just some simple steps, which are as follows:

1) Open the setting

2) Tap on the mobile data or cellular data

3) Touch on your eSIM plans under cellular data and click on the turn-on option

And your SIM card will start working, and it will connect with the network immediately when it will get online access to a network. If somehow you cannot connect with an internet network, ensure to recheck the whole steps you have gone through.

How to change physical SIM into eSIM

You can also change your nanoSIM to eSIM on your iPhone if your carrier supports it Follow some of these steps:

1) Open settings and head towards the cellular

2) Tap convert to eSIM, and if any chance if there is no such option then your carrier does not support this option, then you have to contact your provider to move your physical SIM to eSIM by scanning QR code or by eSIM carrier activation

3) Touch to convert cellular plans

4) Tap convert toeSIM

5) After a few minutes, your eSIM will get activated and remove your physical SIM and reboot the device


Operators of eSIM in India

In India, two companies started the concept of eSIM and gave it to the user.

If you are in India and you want to run eSIM in your iPhone, so you have to perform the following steps, which are not so tough.

  • Please check if you have an IOS version of 12.1 or more.
  • Send an SMS to 121 by typing eSIM<<email id >> to convert your SIM card to eSIM.
  • You will receive an email from Airtel attached with a QR code
  • Now open the setting and go to cellular data or mobile data
  • Scan the QR code given by your provider
  • Right after the scanning, you will receive an SMS, and you have to reply to it 1 within 60 seconds of its arrival.
  • A call will come for verification, and after a few hours, your SIM will get started.


You can have more than one eSIM on your iPhone, but you can use only one at a time. To change your eSIM card, open the settings, then click on the cellular data, and furthermore click on the plans you want to use.


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How to use Dual SIM with an eSIM?

You can use one number of physical SIM cards for personal calls and another for business purposes. You can also add local data plans to your eSIM of particular region when you are travelling .Both your numbers can make and receive voice and FaceTime calls and send and receive messages through iMessages but the only drawback is you can only use one cellular data at a time and in addition  to this if you want to you 5G network you should have iPhone 12, iPhone12 mini, iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 12 pro max  or higher or you have IOS version not less than 14.5.

Setup a cellular plan on your iPhone

iPhone series of X and higher supports the feature of eSIM, and all the models that support the eSIM can have multiple eSIMs and can use dual SIM with two active SIM simultaneously. You can use a dual SIM facility by using a physical SIM and eSIM but now, in iPhone 13 models and later, support  two active eSIMs

Once you setup your eSIM, your provider will send you eSIM carrier activation you have to follow some steps to activate the carrier option:

When you will receive a notification about the carrier cellular plan ready to be installed and tap it.

In the setting app, tap carrier cellular plan ready to be installed.

Tap continue at the leftmost corner.

Make a call to ensure cellular connectivity. If you are unable to place a call, then call your service provider.

After your SIM plan is activated, you can label your plans on each SIM. For instance, you can label one for personal and another for business purposes. You will use these labels to choose which number you want to prefer to make calls or receive messages.

Use both numbers for calls, messages, and cellular data

Set these numbers in such a way that your phone remembers which number to use.

When you will place calls to one of your contacts, your device will give you the option to choose from which number you want to make a call, and next time it will you the same by default. You can also specify which number to use for your calls with a contact. Follow these steps:

  • Tap the contact
  • Tap Preferred Cellular Plan
  • Tap the number you want to use with that contact


Understanding Dual SIM Status Icons


The notification bar in the control center at the top of your iPhone display will show the signal strength of both SIMs. In the control center, you will see more information about the SIMs. Which includes the network type LTE, 5G or WIFI, etc. When you allow the cellular data switching option to turn on, you will see which number is currently using the cellular network. How Does Dual Sim Work in Apple’s New iPhones?


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