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9 Different ways to fix Facebook not working on Mobile Data


9 Different ways to fix Facebook not working on Mobile Data

This is the time to learn Different ways to fix Facebook not working on Mobile Data. So. let’s start. There are some ideas to fix Facebook not working on Mobile Data.

Did you know?

Facebook has become a big platform that several masses have used among all nations. The studies show that around March 2022, there were 2.91 million active users of Facebook. Because of this, Facebook encountered too many unexpected bugs and glitches, due to which Facebook became sluggish as well as choppy. We have come through several methods and tricks to help you run your application smoothly without getting irritated.

There are many problems, or we can say that bugs and glitches in Facebook make running the application too tough and sometimes impossible. Nevertheless, every problem has too many solutions, which are as follows:

  1. Check the Network Connection:

See whether you have turned on your mobile data or wifi connection. If not —

  • Open your control center


  • Turn on the mobile connection, Or
  • You can open settings > scroll > find mobile network and connection



  • Turn on the mobile data or wifi.



  1. Restart your device:

95% of all types of bugs are eliminated by restarting any device. If you open the app of Facebook, and then suddenly a black screen appears, that means either your app has crashed, or sometimes other happens. You don’t need to worry.

  • Press the power button > restart your device > open the Facebook app, and it will start working again.


  1. Check the latest version of the app:

Ensure to have the latest version of the app; otherwise, there will be some difficulties running the app as, somehow, when the latest version is launched, the oldest version works for some days or weeks after that time period app doesn’t work or stops working.

How to check if you have the latest version or not:

  • Open the Google Play or App store on your Devices.
  • Search and then open Facebook.
  • And then click on update If it shows.

  • The list of the Apps will be shown the check if there is any need to update the application you are looking for or not.


  1. Check the permissions of the application:

Sometimes the app also doesn’t work adequately because we have not granted all types of access to the Facebook app.

  • Open the setting by scrolling the control center.
  • Scroll down and find App management or in some devices, first open advanced settings and then start looking for apps or app management in android and in IOS just search Facebook.
  • Click on Facebook, and a new interface will open.
  • Click on the permission and toggle all permission.

  • And then start your Facebook application again. It will start running.


  1. Clear all data or cache

Most of the time, everyone suggests opening the app, clearing the cache, and seeing whether the app starts working.

  • For that, you have to tap and hold on to the icon of the specific app.
  • Touch on the app info rather than uninstall.
  • And then clear all the data.

Then wait for at most 5 mins and reboot your device. After that, run the application using mobile data, insert all your credentials, and use your mobile number instead of emails or emails for logins.

If you are using a browser such as Chrome, Mozilla firebox, or another to run the website of Facebook:

  • First, refresh the page
  • If the website doesn’t start working, close the age and reopen the page.
  • Open the setting and then privacy and security.
  • Clear all data and browsing history.


  1. Check whether Facebook is down:

You are not the only one who is having the issue simultaneously. In most cases, either the authority is maintaining their social media application, or it has crashed somehow. To ensure that, you should change the device, try to log in, and check whether it is working. Or you can go through a website such as Down Detector, which will tell you if there is any problem with the app, and if there is any problem, wait until it has been sorted out.


  1. Ensure that the device has a network connection:

Sometimes we turn on the mobile data and start using the particular app, but it doesn’t get open,  connect to the network first, or server error. In this case, your network connection might be poor or unable to receive many signals. In that case, you should do these things:

  • First, check the network type, such as 2G/3G/4G.
  • Or open setting.
  • Go to mobile networks.
  • Sim card and change the network type to 4G or the topmost of your device.
  • And remember to toggle on the Volte calls.

After doing such steps try to open your app. If, in any case, this will not work, open the setting and go through  Airplane mode and turn it on. After waiting for 2 to 5min, turn it off and wait for the device to receive a signal. Once the signal has come, use your application.


  1. Give background data access:

Background data access helps to run Facebook smoothly and respond normally.

To enable this function to carry out the following steps:

  • Press and hold on to the Facebook app icon and touch on the app info.
  • The Facebook app menu will open, then open the Mobile data and WIFI.
  • Click on the toggle to turn on Background data.


  1. To help and support the team.

If you have gone through all the eight steps mentioned above, the last option is to seek the help of Facebook’s help and support team. You can do it in two ways:

  • First, open the Facebook app and touch the three-line icon on the right.
  • Scroll down and find the help and support and click on that.
  • After that, press on the help center if you want to communicate with them; otherwise, click on report a problem, and within one or two working days, they will sort out your problem.
  • If you are confused, then Click Here.

Another method is to go to Google and search for Facebook’s help and support team. You will come across any website, click on the first site and do the same.



In this article, we read the instructions to cover the error of Facebook, i.e., to fix Facebook not working on the data. There are some potential aspects and ideas to fix this error. I have given the detail of all these ideas. You can comment and give us feedback if you have any other queries.


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