[Simple Ways] Solve Call Ended Problem in JIO 2023

Call Ended Problem in JIO


Call Ended Problem in Jio

Jio has revolutionized the entire nation with its cheap data services and free calls. A big 50 percent of the population uses jio as its primary source for connecting with their loved ones. But recently, the services have been observed to show glitches. And the most prominent among them is the call ended problem in jio.So you are trying to make a call. You opened the contact log and tapped on your favorite contact. But as soon as you tried to connect the phone call, you heard a beep showing the problem of the jio call disconnect in 3 seconds. And you are unable to make that even after trying again and again. If you can relate to this story, you have landed on the right page; as here we have listed some of the most useful tactics for every mobile device that can help you end the call ended problem in jio.


How to Solve call ended problem in jio sim

When a call ends it generally means that the audio connection between the two people communicating is no longer in progress. That means, either of the two people has hung up or the call got disconnected due to a poor network. But why is my jio call getting ended straightaway? Presently, many people are witnessing their call getting ended even without getting connected in the first place. It ends straight away even without ringing. The root cause for this call ended problem in jio can be any of the following-

  • The phone is facing a technical problem.
  • The voicemailbox is full.
  • Mobile network issue.
  • Call dropping due to bandwidth issue.
  • Call blocking problem.
  • The phone is turned off.

Since all the reasons are general, you can relax, and your device does not need to be replaced. It is a problem that can be solved with certain tactics which are discussed in the upcoming section.


How to Fix Call Ended Problem in Jio?

Let your frustration move aside with these simple solutions to end the call ended problem in jio. There are 6 different approaches and the procedure that will work for you will depend on the specific error you’re getting. Therefore, you’ll need to try all these simple operations until one of them works to fix your problem. To provide you with an outline, we have listed all the tactics below and then each step is discussed in detail.

To fix call ended problem in jio, you can

  • Re-establish your mobile’s network setting (Aeroplane mode approach)
  • Reboot your mobile phone
  • Check the jio SIM slot
  • Change your location to a high-coverage area
  • Use the jio call app
  • Change the call forwarding setting

#1. Re-establishing Network

Re-establishing network is the most popular and useful method to deal with the call ended problem in jio. It is the easiest operation to perform, since here all you need to do is turn on the airplane mode, wait for some time, and then turn off the airplane mode. Moreover, keep other basic requirements in mind like you must have a 4G phone for availing jio services; you must have a valid mobile recharge pack; and your jio SIM must be clean and inserted correctly in the right column.


#2. Rebooting

Rebooting allows the jio SIM to re-register to the jio network services. In other words, if you reboot or restart your phone, it will get turned on with the jio SIM slot registering to the jio network from the very beginning. This will remove the glitch you were facing that engendered the call ended problem in jio. Don’t get confused by the term ‘reboot’. It simply means you’ll need to switch your smartphone down and then up again. You can simply use the power button or use the reboot button available on the screen when the power button is pressed for a few seconds.


#3. Location Changing

Network strength is another critical reason that may lead to the call ended problem in jio. If the range of network coverage is not sufficient in your area, the device will struggle to connect the call and it will lead to a connection error. In such cases, you can try changing your location. Generally, certain network coverage issues are short termed and can be overcome by waiting for a short period. Because if there is any network issue, the service providers will automatically identify it and will find an efficient solution to it. Otherwise, you can contact jio customer care support.


#4. Installing Jio Call Apps

Jio apps have a strong connection with jio SIM and network. And hence, the probability of facing a call ended problem gets reduced to the minimum. And for this reason, we recommend you download and install the jio voice calling app for emergency cases when your call does not connect via default call logs.Though it is believed that apps like this are generally used for JioWifi devices, you can use them for removing the error or glitch you are facing while connecting calls.


#5. Turning off Call Forwarding Setting

This tip is for people who use the jio call forwarding service frequently. Usually, the call ended problem in jio is more prominent when the call forwarding setting is on. Hence it can be one of the major reasons for the performance deterioration that you are facing.In such a case, you must turn off the call forwarding services and then restart your phone to start making calls. Moreover, you must check if the device you are forwarding your calls to has a valid service facility.


#6. SIM Slot Checking

The call ended problem in jio can also occur if the SIM slot that you are using for your jio SIM is not featured with VoLTE. Generally, smartphones these days are hardwired with both SIM slots based on VoLTE. But if the model is old, it may have just 1 VoLTE SIM slot. Therefore, you must check if your jio SIM is in the right slot because jio SIMs are based on VoLTE. They won’t work otherwise. And hence, you’ll need to check and change the SIM slot for leaving the benefit of calling services in the jio network.


Why does Jio Cut after 90 minutes?

Though Jio services provide you with free and unlimited call services, there are precautions that the provider takes to avoid misuse of its offerings. People can misuse it for telemarketing and fraud calls. Besides, it is a defensive step to disconnect calls among users who have mistakenly forgotten to cut the call. The maximum call duration in jio to jio depends on the network on which your jio services are based. And hence, it can vary from user to user. Some people face the issue of jio call disconnect after 15 minutes while others struggle after 120 minutes. Hence, disconnecting a call is a deliberate action that the provider performs to set the main switch limit for long hours. In these cases, you can always connect the call again.



Call ended problem in jio is just a network issue or a temporary technical problem that can be fixed easily using certain easy tips as discussed in the article so far. Just find out the root cause of the issue for your device and perform the appropriate action that can evade the problem easily without the requirement of any expert.


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Q. How do I fix Jio call ended problem?

Answer. To quickly fix the jio call ended problem, you should try turning on and then off the airplane mode.

Q. Why is my phone saying call ended?

Answer. Your phone shows call ended when the call connection is no longer in process. This can be due to some network issue.

Q. Why Jio calls cut automatically after 15 minutes?

Answer. Jio calls get cut automatically after some time to defend against misuse of its services. But you always have the option to reconnect the call.

Q. Why does my phone say call ended?

Answer. Your phone says the call ended primarily in a case when the call is disconnected but sometimes it happens when there is a network glitch.

Q. Why are my calls automatically ending?

Answer. Sometimes in jio, call get automatically disconnected due to exceeding the maximum duration limit.

Q. How to solve call ended problem?

Answer. Call-ended problems can be solved by simply using airplane mode or you can try restarting your phone for better connectivity.

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